Trumpet Presentation

The Trumpet Presentation is a fun, educational clinic that can be customized for grades 4-12. In this presentation Todd discuss various trumpets, trumpet-related instruments and mutes using familiar performance examples. Musical history, concepts, performance techniques and many other subjects are shared during the constant interaction. This presentation is not only popular with trumpets and brass instruments, it is also successful with full concert bands and wind ensembles.

Trumpet Clinic

The Trumpet Clinic covers everything from fundamentals to playing techniques in various styles of music, and beyond. This is a fluid, interactive clinic where one discussion always leads to another. Directors are encouraged to request areas of focus. Some common topics are: breathing, tone, articulation, intonation, range, endurance, blending and playing in an ensemble, listening, interpretation, performance anxiety, auditioning, playing with emotion and passion and having fun in the process.

Brass Sectional - any ensemble

Brass Sectional focuses on directors' requests in preparation for concerts, adjudications, festivals or just overall improvement.

Trumpet Sectional - any ensemble

Trumpet Sectional focuses on directors' requests in preparation for concerts, adjudications, festivals or just overall improvement.

Trumpet Playing / Embouchure Assessment

As an embouchure specialist and a firm believer that every trumpet player has their own unique playing style and embouchure, Todd has been very successful at making “on the spot” playing and embouchure evaluations that result in immediate, noticeable improvement. Very often these instant improvements are drastic and inspiring to students. Giving individual students quick assessments and pointers in a group setting, in a way that is not intimidating or isolating, always provokes discussion on playing fundamentals and the embouchure. Trumpet Playing / Embouchure Assessment the entire trumpet section and often adds to a sense of camaraderie, as we all share many of the same challenges.

Jazz Improvisation Clinic

With a graduate degree in Jazz Performance and having taught Jazz improvisation for over twenty years, Todd has developed a very practical, straight-forward approach to teaching improvisation that is extremely accessible to students. Todd’s students have been featured soloists in their school bands, participated in All-State Jazz Ensemble and have received partial and full college scholarships based on their ability to play Jazz and other styles. The Jazz improvisation clinic allows Todd to share some of the fundamental concepts of this method and take the fear out of Jazz improvisation while motivating students to take the first steps. Solo sections from the school Jazz ensemble’s repertoire can easily be included in this clinic.

Jazz Ensemble Workshop

The Jazz Ensemble Workshop covers different aspects of Jazz ensemble interaction, rehearsal and performance. This clinic addresses the specific needs of the ensemble as requested by the ensemble director or determined during the clinic. Always fun with plenty of interaction!

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